Guilt via baked goods.

Last night I was in the middle of baking 24 cupcakes to take to a toddler party when I thought: what the hell am I doing? Now I have to frost these! I contemplated swinging by Whole Foods for some of their (admittedly delicious) two bite cupcakes and calling it a night.

There was a time when I would’ve made two types of cupcakes and two different frostings just to make sure there was enough variety. Now? If you don’t like vanilla, you’re out of luck. The giant cooking projects aren’t happening very much these days, but I still try to make things from scratch as much as possible. So while I did cave to boxed frosting from my friend Trader Joe, I baked the cupcakes from scratch using a recipe from Apartment Therapy.

They’re delish. And it didn’t take that long. No, they’re not decked out like something out of Martha Stewart but they’re not Duncan Hines, either. Small steps, right?

I don’t know why this makes me feel so good, but it does.

So try–just for today–skipping the short cut. Do one thing all the way through, even though you don’t have to.

I bet it’ll make you feel good, too.


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